How to get function helper text to float above cursor while typing?

This YouTuber does it here:

Notice the in_array helper floats above his cursor while he types, showing him the param definitions...

My PHPStorm doesn't do this, it will only show me definitions if I hit Ctrl+Space after typing the name of the function (but not after typing the opening parentheses), and I'm not seeing where in settings to activate it.


File | Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion > Show parameter info popup checkbox


Thanks. I'm looking for how to make this activate with a keyboard shortcut, but the only thing listed is Main Menu > View > Parameter Info, with shortcut Option-Shift-Space (Mac), which pops up something above it with all the function parameters, which is nice, but it seems a bit duplicate to Cmd+Space which shows the same thing in a different format below but only if I haven't typed the opening parentheses yet:

I'm a little confused on the logic behind all of this, and not sure what the "params (smart function parameters completion)" text means.


Sorry for the misunderstanding but does not it appear automatically once you type in the same manner as on YouTube clip? Also, "Main Menu > View > Parameter Info" is doing exactly the same thing but with a keypress.


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