Breakpoint colours

I just can't find out why my breakpoint has gone yellow. It doesn't seem to be getting hit, its not suspended, but its yellow?

I can't find anything in the docs about breakpoint colours.


is it when a conditional breakpoint isn't suspended? Does that mean it gets hit when it is suspended?


I just checked that and the breakpoint becomes yellow once "Suspend" is unchecked. The difference for breakpoint without "suspend" enabled is that program execution will not stop when these are hit. Allow me to quote the documentation:

(once "Suspend" is enabled):

Select to pause the program execution when a breakpoint is hit. Suspending an application is useful if you need to obtain logging information or calculate an expression at a certain point without interrupting the program. If you need to create a master breakpoint that will trigger dependent breakpoints when hit, choose not to suspend the program at that breakpoint.



Thanks very much, I finally get it, just in time to use it too.


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