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I have managed to connect PHPstorm to my FTP service and set up the mappings and it was all working last week. This week I re-opened PHPstorm and it will not upload files. I connected to the FTP service using 'tools>deployment>remote host' and double checked that the automatic upload setting was set to 'always'.

I had a lot of trouble setting this up in the first place and found that the FTP file transfers list helped me to do some basic troubleshooting, but I can't find a button to show the file transfers list. It's not under 'view>tool windows' and I can't remember how it showed up last time. I think it popped up when I uploaded a file, but now my files aren't uploading. 

The FTP integration seems poorly designed. Powerful, but counter-intuitive and prone to silent errors. Am I missing the "make FTP work properly" checkbox? How do I get up the file transfer list? Why were my files uploading fine last week but this week I get nothing? Was FTP an afterthought?

Getting a bit frustrated here, but love the IDE so please hellp

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Basically, this log console (with files downloaded/uploaded) is named "File Transfer" tool window but it is available only after some transfer operations in a current session. In other words, if you close/open project and there will be no FTP uploads, you can not open it. Also, it means that there is no easy way to check all the uploads/downloads history as this is per-session only, sorry.

In fact, the "Tools > Deployment > Browse Remote host" option is mostly used for some single actions, it is not related directly with an automatic upload that should work seamlessly and in a non-interactive way. Speaking more about automatic uploads, these are initiated once the file is changed/saved (or with explicit Ctrl+S action if set up). Unfortunately, it is hard to say anything for sure in your scenario and why files were not really uploaded, but I was wondering if you could show your deployment options screenshots, so we could check these together.

Also, it may be a good idea to submit a support ticket, so we could check your logs/settings without exposing these to the public.


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