BaseURL Support in Webstorm

I'm trying to convince my team to move to Webstorm from VSCode. 

I'm having issue getting cmd+click to work on code like this: 

import MapPin from 'components/shared/pins/presentational/MapPin';
import BlockHeading from 'components/shared/generic/blockHeading/presentational/BlockHeading';

We solved this in VSCode by including a jsconfig.json in the root. 

"compilerOptions": {
"module": "CommonJS",
"baseUrl": "src/"

How can we do this in Webstorm? 

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You can try marking `src` folder as Resource root (Mark directory as/Resource root) and enabling Use paths relative to the project, resource or sources roots in Settings | Editor | Code Style | JavaScript | Imports


We plan to provide support for path mappings defined in jsconfig.json in 2019.2, see

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This works! 


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