PyCharm Professional 2019.1.1 on macOS 10.14.4 persists incorrect JDK settings, cannot open any project (new/cloned/from source)


Since PyCharm Professional was installed, it has prompted me to switch the JDK and restart, and no matter the switched JDK it will default back to what it had before (in my case OpenJDK 11 or Oracle JDK 8). If I uninstall all Java installations on my machine it fails to launch because it cannot start the VM. I've installed my JDKs through Homebrew, and PyCharm Professional through Jetbrains Toolbox (installed through Homebrew and directory download) and directly through Homebrew/direct download and install.


If I tell it to ignore the JDK and attempt to open any project (existing, clone, etc.) it will show that it is indexing but never open the window, just sit idly (it does seem to finish indexing the creating the .idea directory, as well as a functioning venv if specified if I've selected a new project)


I've deleted caches and other various files from the following locations:

~/Library/Application Support/PyCharm2019.1.1



~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/Toolbox/apps/Pycharm-P/


~/Library/Saved Application State/com.jetbrains.pycharm.savedState

~/Applications/JetBrains Toolbox/


Interestingly, this problem doesn't occur when using PyCharm CE.


What is the recommended approach for forcing PyCharm Professional to use the JDK packaged with it. I've read the posts about changing the JDK referenced in the config (206544519) but it persists the incorrect path in the install location (the .history.json file and .feed file) regardless of it the file is present, or the JDK path in the file.


PyCharm 2019.1 should be running under bundled JDK 11

Please check this article. It describes how to switch JDK version the IDE will run under.

How does it go?


I reviewed that article which eventually got me to the article number I mentioned. However, no matter how I set the JDK, when rebooted, it will persist with the previous JDK. If I uninstall the JDK in an attempt to force it to use the bundled JDK, it crashes saying it cannot start the VM.


The *.jdk file is completely ignored by it because I have manually changed it. If I remove it, add it in, or change the path, nothing seems to change from what PyCharm detects and sets itself to.


You have a case-sensitive FS, right?

It seems to be similar to
Could you please check the comments for possible workarounds?


This fixes the JDK warning, but after creating or opening a project no IDE window shows, only the "indexing" dialog. If I try to show active windows, it says "No active windows"


Please file an issue to our issue tracker and attach your idea.log from Help | Show Log in... after reproducing. You can change the visibility of the ticket to ensure privacy.


I ended up just reinstalling macOS Mojave on my machine on a non-case sensitive filesystem. PyCharm can launch as expected now, but I do wish that in general the JetBrains suite just detected case-sensitive filesystems and supported them, as I prefer case-sensitive filesystems but don't want to have to debug things I need for development.


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