Android questions/feature requests


Hello, i have two annoyances i haven't been able to find any solution for while developing our Android app.


1. When i start the emulator, i choose a device from the "select deployment target" . However, often when i redeploy, i want to choose another even though the emulator is running, but it always just redeploys to the same target. I wish there was a way to "switch" without having to kill the emulator first?


2. Whenever i open a layout.xml, it opens in "design view". I want to set it to always open in text view as default. Is this possible?


Thanks in advance. 

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ok, but i'm not sure if it's a bug or a user support issue? My question is whether it can be done, and if it can't i'd log a feature request. Or does everything go through your bug tracker?

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It's not possible at the moment. Android subsystem is maintained by Google (including the feature requests and bug reports), not by JetBrains.


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