Code Completion for C Library with Python Bindings

Hi everyone,

I build the shogun library from source with python bindings into my anaconda environment. I set that env as my project interpreter. I added the path to the shogun lib to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH in my run configuration and my example file executes without errors. However, in the editor everything shogun related is marked as an error and I do not have code completion.

I get
Cannot find reference 'features' in ''
from shogun import features

I already found a similar thread and they suggested re-adding the interpreter so pycharm does the indexing again and that did not work for me. Any ideas how to configure this correctly or how to debug where this error comes from would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

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You can try:

1. Reload interpreter paths:


2. File > Invalidate caches / restart

If this is not helping, I suggest submitting a bug report to the issue tracker - , providing steps to reproduce, code snippet, full error output, and log file from "Help > Show logs in..."

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Excellent answer thank you


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