Why does the font text look so weird in the file editor?

This is only in PHPStorm so far (I don't use other JetBrains products)... the text looks fine here in the forum and in every other place in *Storm except in the file text editor, which looks either flat or smallish (for its px size) or mangled or that wet paper look. Again everything else looks fine.

Notice the index.php font looks squished compared to the Project file path font and the Notepad font (all defaults). If I go into Settings > Editor > Font, a lot of the fonts just look weird (default is Monospaced 15, but Source Code Pro looks decent but still just not as readable as other text in other programs):

How do I fix this in the text editor?! I thought I read a while ago that JetBrains changed how fonts are displayed and it kind of gummed it up for certain OS/computer/whatever... Even the Settings font looks OK so I'd like normal fonts please!

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Could you please attach a screenshot that would illustrate the font difference?

Similar to this:

We would also appreciate if you could point out the differences, because something obvious for you might not be so for us.

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My screenshots do show the difference... not sure what you're looking for.



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