Feature Request: transmitted project instance parameter with ProjectComponent interface methods


I don’t understand why the projectOpened and projectClosed methods do not have the "Project" argument passed?

I want to know whether the project was open or closed, I think it is bad, the fact that these methods are without arguments.


My plugin starts to perform some actions when opening a project, but the project itself I can’t normally get, I use 

val project = ProjectManager.getInstance().OpenProjects[0]

which works poorly if several projects are running!


The remaining methods simply do not work, the name of the project all the time returned as null.


I am using the latest version of IDEA EAP.
JDK 1.8, tested in WebStorm, Intellij IDEA.

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If you need the Project instance, you can pass it in constructor of your ProjectComponent implementation and store it in a field.

If you just need to run your code on _opening_ the project, please use com.intellij.openapi.startup.StartupActivity instead.


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