How to read RunConfiguration in ProgramRunner


I've made a simple plug-in that lets me invoke a custom ProgramRunner which sends (via HTTP) the contents the active document to an application server for execution - and whose Host/Post, Credentials are set in a custom RunConfiguration.

Everything is working pretty well, except I don't understand how to read the RunConfiguration values, set by the user in the custom ProgramRunnner (ie. I need to read the host and port/credentials to know how to construct the HTTP request).

My Configuration extends RunConfigurationBase, and is very "dumb" in that it sets the settingEditor to my custom SettingsEditor implementation in the cstor, and getConfigurationEditor returns said settingEditor. Looking at example code, it seems like others have getters/setters for fields? But I don't understand how those are invoked - I assumed the RunConfigurationBase, SettingsEditor, etc. took care of the persistence and read-back for me?



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