PyCharm not finding templates in third-party installed apps

I have a package installed (`view_factory`), with a `templates` directory. When I use this reference, PyCharm complains about "Template file not found".



Hmm, I think template names in generic views should be specified with relative path, using slash (dir/template.html), not dotted path. Have you tried it?


Darn, my screenshot didn't make this very clear, but I am using a `slash` as opposed to a `dot`. (Looks like my highlighting just cut out the separator - here's another screenshot using the `list` template)



Yes, sorry, it looked like a dot to me.

Ok, that's strange. Does the code actually run? (is the issue only in code insight?)

Can you provide code snippet and steps to reproduce the issue? 


I figured it out...turns out it's a weird issue with how the settings are processed in "Language & Frameworks > Django". I had my `` specified, which does a `from base import *`, but apparently PyCharm wasn't able to introspect and find my `TEMPLATES` options that way. Once I changed to my ``, it was able to find the templates where I expected.


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