Using RubyMine "generate" in conjunction with Vagrant and rsync has issues


I'm using the latest version of RubyMine with a project that uses a Vagrant box. All the remote connections work just fine but I was having some major slowdowns with file syncing. I decided to try using Rsync with Vagrant and it has solved that problem but caused a new one. When trying to run "generate" for, say, a new migration, I'm finding that nothing ends up generating. It seems that since RubyMine is running Ruby through the Vagrant box, it's generating the file on the box first and then syncing it to my Windows machine. Unfortunately, with Rsync enabled, the file gets generated and then Rsync kicks in, which then immediately removes the file because Rsync syncs from Windows to Vagrant. On top of this, with Rsync enabled in the Vagrant file, even with rsync-auto not running, the file never appears in my Windows folder.

I'm hoping that someone knows of a trick to either sync the files from Vagrant to Windows while Rsync is enabled in the Vagrant file or if there's a way to somehow get generate to somehow place a copy into the Windows version of the directory. The only alternative I can think of is to just create a new file and get creative with the naming as to not cause any sort of migration conflict.

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Could you please specify how you've added the Vagrant SDK? Was it added as a Vagrant one or as a remote one on the Deployment server?


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