Is there a "View as Array" command

the "View as Array"  feature allows pycharm users to view the dataframe, numpy or pandas in the sciview pane
but does it require you to press on the "View as dataframe" or is there perhaps a command in python one can run to 
do the same thing.

I often create new dataframes in my pycharm console, and use lots of time to find it in the variable view, (not debugging mode)
and then i have to move the mouse to "view as dataframe" text.
I know click around in a GUI is appealing to some, but I'm more of a "run code kinda person"  

R studio has this feature:

Perhaps there is a obvious macro og keybind one can use to get the same effect, anyone?

Best Regards

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No, unfortunately there's no shortcuts for this. More precisely, there is, but you need to select the variable in the list anyway, and then you can press the shortcut (configurable in keymap, empty by default).

Please feel free to submit a corresponding feature request to our issue tracker using the link and let us know if you need any help.

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One workaround would be to create a macro that selects the variables pane, but I can't find the shortcut for that either

it seems you need to use the mouse entirely at that stage.


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