Database Console view closes unexpectedly

Sometimes when I have the Database Console open (the kind that shows query results) it will unexpectedly close when I click anywhere outside the view. In addition to the annoyance of having to reopen it every time it also causes trouble when I try to double click on items in the project panel when the Database Console is open. The first click closes the console, then if the project view is already scrolled to the bottom it will reposition all the items and the second click will no longer be over the item I originally clicked on and I will open a random file.

It is a bit strange because this does not always happen. Most of the time the Database Console stays open until I explicitly close it, but once it starts closing in the way described above it continues to do so. Restarting the application does not fix the issue, although it will revert to the expected behavior eventually (possibly on a full reboot).

I'm not sure if this is an IntelliJ problem, DataGrip problem, or specific to PyCharm, but it only happens with the Database Console.

I'd appreciate any tips on why this might be happening or how to prevent this behavior.




Immediately after the issue is reproduced (the console unexpectedly closes), please collect logs according to, and send to us. You can upload them to FTP: , and let me know the file name.


Hi thanks!

I uploaded the log file (named: swanson-idea-2019-04-23.log). I didn't notice any entries in the log file when the window closed, but I wasn't exactly sure what to look for. I also uploaded a short video (named: swanson-intellij-2019-04-23_08.20.03.mp4) of the problem happening in real time to show you the different behavior compared to the other views. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide.



Another comment on the issue. In addition to the view closing (actually minimizing) when I click outside of the view, it will also minimize when I close a query result. E.g., when I click the x on the result tab that tab closes as expected but then nearly simultaneously the database console view minimizes (unexpectedly). I'd be happy to share another video of that happening if that would help.


Thanks for the video and logs. It seems that you're running the outdated build of PyCharm. Please download and reinstall from here:

And if the issue is still reproduced, please submit a bug report to our issue tracker: , providing the video, and new logs collected from the latest version.


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