Two projects, same virtualenv (same opencv), one autocompletes on import cv2, the other doesn't

I have two separate projects, proj1 and proj2. Both use opencv with `import cv2`

proj 1

  • was created with a virtualenv called env and I pip installed opencv-python.
  • displays "No suggestions" on cv2.imread and doesn't display any documentation
  • proj1 can autocomplete and show Documentation if I `import cv2.cv2`


  • was opened on pycharm and instructed to use proj1's env.
  • autocompletes cv2.imread and displays Documentation in the side window.

I searched the web everywhere and was hinted the cv2.cv2 solution but this works on one and not the other.

I can provide the .idea xml's or some config files you need. 


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Created an issue here:

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