What's this tiny arrow, and why are my comments collapsed?

I'm using phpStorm and have a perl script as part of my codebase. When I open the perl script in phpStorm, I notice two things I can't figure out. (see screen shot be;low)


1. What's the little arrow in the left column by the line number?

2. Why does it default to comments collapsed under "comments..." ??! So weird.


Note that in PHP code, none of these things show up.




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What is the file extension of this file? By default, .pl files are associated with the Text file type, so there should be no highlighting at all.

Or did you install the Perl plugin? If so, we don't hold any responsibility for its issues because it's created by a 3rd party developer.

By the way, the error looks like a VCS marker for removed lines. Do you get any tooltip after clicking it?


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