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I'm coming to intellij from vim and, after installing the plugin, unsure about a few basics... how do I:


1. Fuzzy-search for a file in the project? Ideally I'd want to map this to `ctrl-P`. Closest thing I've seen so far is hitting `space-space`, and then navigating to "files" .. not ideal

2. Open a file (ideally from that search) in: a) a new split, b) a new tab, c) the current tab

3. Map keyboard to split current file (what is there in clicking on the tab and horizontal/vertical split)

4. Map keyboard to navigate between splits and tabs (not via the popup switcher window, but just like to move right/left or up/down)

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Hi David!
I assume you've installed the IdeaVim plugin, so

1. This functionality is supported by the IDE:

  • Ctrl+Shift+N (⇧⌘O) - finds any file or directory by name (supports CamelCase and snake_case).
  • Ctrl+N (⌘O) - finds a class by name.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N (⌥⌘O) - finds a symbol.

You can change the keymap in `Preferences | Keymap -> Main Menu | Navigate`

2. The selected file will be opened in a new tab, but vim commands are supported: :e, :sp, :vsp, 

3. Vim commands are supported:

  • <C-W>s, <C-W>v, <C-W>c, etc.
  • :split, :vsplit, etc.

IDE keymap: `Preferences | Keymap -> Main Menu | Window | Editor Tabs`


      IdeaVim commands (as vim):

  • <C-W><C-W>, <C-W>h, <C-W>l, etc


  • `Preferences | Keymap -> Main Menu | Window | Editor Tabs -> Goto Next / Previous Splitter`


      IdeaVim commands (as vim):

  • gt / gT, :tabnext / :tabNext


  • `Preferences | Keymap -> Main Menu | Window | Editor Tabs -> Select Next / Previous Tab`


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