Nearly impossible to use (Very slow)


I love Jetbrains products in general, but this AppCode is driving me crazy, it's almost impossible to use it. Very slow, to everything. It constantly freezes while I'm typing, when debugging it takes about 30-45 seconds to unfreeze the screen, and when I focus in another app then come back to AppCode, it freezes for another few seconds. It's starting to be really annoying

CPU for AppCode is always above 200%


Any idea about how to fix this?


My comptuter is new, (Macbook Pro i7 16gb)

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Hi Eduardo,

sorry to hear you're experiencing freezes while using AppCode. Eliminating potential ways AppCode might become unresponsive is an ongoing effort of ours.
However, it's hard to tell for us from afar, why performance is bad for your particular project.

Whenever this does happen, it's extremely helpful for us to be able to review the logs, which contain additional information when unresponsiveness is detected.
So, I would like to encourage you to head over to our tracker, file an issue with a short description about your project (how large, is it using many frameworks, is it predominantly Swift/ObjC), and attaching your logs (easiest way to get to them would be Help -> Compress Logs and Show in Finder).
If you prefer for them not to appear publicly in the tracker, you may restrict visibility to jetbrains-team.

If you notice high CPU load or sluggishness during certain operations, you may also record a CPU snapshot of those interactions, which gives us valuable information where exactly AppCode is taking too much time. See Reporting performance problems for in-depth instructions.


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