open-api interaction with Macbook Pro touchbar


Can you please explain to me some finer points of how open-api interacts with Macbook Pro touchbar? 
The thing is that in a “pure” version of Intellij IDEA the touchbar displayed regular buttons like Run, Debug, etc. But as soon as I’ve installed my plugin, all of them have been replaced by “OK” button. Can you please advise me the adjustments I need to make in my plugin to save the default buttons after the installation or set my own plugin buttons? Thank you.

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Touchbar has different ActionGroups to be shown in different contexts. Main context (i.e. text editor) shows actions from ActionGroup with id 'TouchBarDefault' (see LangActions.xml). You can insert your own actions into this group (or overwrite whole group) and these actions will be shown in the touchbar.


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