PHPStorm 2019.1.1 cannot read Xdebug 2.7.1 profile output

Hi all,

I found this post, which seems to be similar ( however, I am running PHPStorm 2019.1.1 and Xdebug 2.7.1

I can generate cachegrind.out files from the Xdebug profiler, but when I try to open them with PHPStorm's Analyze Xdebug's Profiler Snapshot tool, I get this:

Incorrect profiler snapshot format:

For input string: "18446744073709506255"

There have been one or two very small snapshots that opened just fine, but every other attempt yields this same message with the same input string.

Any idea how to get this working?



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Unfortunately, this issue hasn't been fixed yet. I'll ping the developer, please also vote for the issue:



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