Is It Possible To Edit Themes?


So I am trying out the new Dark Purple theme and I was surprised how nice it was because I don't normally like dark themes.

However, the main issue I have with it is that I find it hard to distinguish which is the active editor tab.

As you can see, there is a much more significant contrast between the backgrounds of the tabs in the "Intellij" (Alloy?) theme than in the dark purple one.

Is it possible to edit this colour from IDEA or do I have to edit and compile the plugin?

If it is a recompile job, which properties control these colours?



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You can change the File Colors:

And the colors of the version controlled file status colors:

These will affect tabs/text colors.

The active tab color can be customized in the Registry ( via Help | Find Action | Registry:

Or you can create your own theme and customize what you want: .


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