30 days evaluation




I just downloaded 2019.1.2 because 2019.1 was expired. However, after installation and starting 2019.1.2, I get a warning that the key is expired on May 8. But I downloaded 2019.1.2 on May 8 after being warned that previous version is expired (after 30 days). So, I don't get a new 30 days period ?




Rudi Welter


30 day evaluation works for 2019.1.x versions and installing a minor update will not reset the evaluation. If you need an extended period to test the product, please contact the sales team for the new key: https://www.jetbrains.com/support/sales/.


Can you clarify how EAP works with licensing.

I currently have a IntelliJ IDEA ultimate license.
If I run a 'GA' version of IntelliJ, I get shown by name & license validity on the initial splash screen

When I run an EAP build the splash usually just says "EAP user', with what seems like a 30 day period, which gets reset on each build I think?


Yes, EAP builds are limited for 30 days since the build date.


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