phpmd remote interpreter and php version


Hi all,

I have one problem with phpmd plugin to PhpStorm.
I have php on my server and configured php interpreter in PhpStorm.
Path to php in configuration is: /bin/usr/php71
I have two versions of php on server - php (php 5.6.) and php71 (php 7.1. version).
But I got error: "phpmd: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?', expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in".
It's look like phpmd is called by default php (php 5.6), not php71 alias. Can I do something with that or I have to link php to php 7.1. version?

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PhpStorm doesn't get to choose what interpreter Mess Detector uses - the PHP Mess Detector path leads to a shell script that calls php, so you need to make php to be resolved to php71 on the server.

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Ok, thank you for reply and help. We know what to do now :)


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