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First, I am sorry for being lazy :) .

My question is not so simple, but... I think, it's possible to create such plugin.

I need to find all int values in PyCharm, like this:

if trait in (
102785, 155999, 136437, 155997, 119668, 129480, 40467, 40359, 141854, 16853, 16852, 130541, 139879,
139513, 147121, 108760, 122820, 133800, 187088, 177810, 178437, 186785, 183343, 133798, 112688, 202424,

On mouse hover on each int value plugin should trigger event with passed int value of hovered int. After that plugin should show pop-up near hovered int with some text. For example, with hovered int value.

I found docs, but I did't find interested me answers.

So, my questions about docs are:

1) How to get all int values in opened and active *.py file in IDE?

2) How to make event for int mouse hover?

3) How to show pop-up message (window) near hovered int?

Thank you.

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You can use underlying PSI to access any element. To achieve popup for each separate number, one way could be to use Annotator and provide INFO-level annotation for each number, passed in text will be used as tooltip automatically.


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