IDEA slow after unplugging montiors on Macbook


Strange issue started a few months ago, happens on IDEA 2019.1.1 #IU-191.6707.61, not sure what version it started on. I think I updated a couple times since it started happening.


When I "undock" my Macbook (lid closed, plugged into two monitors and power, with wireless keyboard/trackpads), basically I just unplug the monitors and power, then walk to the conference room and oftentimes soon IDEA will start eating up CPU cycles and the fan turns on pretty soon. I'll then open the lid and login (logout timeout is 5s after undocking), and I'll notice the IDE is taking forever painting the screen as only a small portion of the screen is rendered on the left side and pixel by pixel it is painting from the left very slowly and usually in the wrong resolution, like in super small font size. CPU stays around 99% for IDEA. I force quit and restart IDEA to fix this. This happens every few days or so, not every time I undock.

Has this happened to anyone else here? I don't notice an existing bug on this.


Please try running IDE under this jdk (use switcher action to switch to it).

Another option to try is IDE distribution with 11 JetBrains Runtime:

If issue remains, please file a bug at with IDE log folder zipped and CPU snapshot taken at the moment of it's high usage.


Hello Andrey, Thanks for the suggestion. I'm trying the latest 11 from bintray,


Will try this week and see if it happens again.


Thanks Andrey, using the latest Java 11 from bintray fixed this. I haven't seen this happen again this week after I applied it.


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