Hitting breakpoint causes exit


I recently upgraded to 2019 community version.

Now when I set and hit a breakpoint, my program exits.  It briefly shows the variables and stuff like it has hit the breakpoint.  Then after 1 second, the program exits printing this on the console:

Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

Even a super-simple program has this problem:

for i in range(30):


I uploaded the files in the log folder.  There was also a folder in there labeled:


That has a number of text files in it.  Do I need to upload these files too?

I uploaded:

idea.log, idea.log1, idea.log2, idea.log3

The last program I ran was this:

a = 0
b = 1
c = 2

I set a breakpoint on b=1.  The name of the program was scratch_263.py.

It crashed as it always does.


Thanks for the logs. It seems you're using at least one custom plugin - try to disable it. 

Also, try to create a new project and new interpreter - does the issue still reproduce? If it does, please collect all the files and dumps from the log folder in the archive and upload it to the FTP.


We're getting somewhere!

I made a new env and used a different interpreter.  It turned out to be the interpreter.

When I went back to my original project and switched from 3.6 to 3.7 then it works.

BTW, my version of 3.6 was installed as part of Conda, something I don't actively use.  I wonder if part of your upgrade had an issue with it.

Here's a screenshot of my project's interpreter's choices.


Ok, the issue might be caused by PyCharm's Cython debugger extensions. Let's try disabling them. Please add the following environment variables to your run/debug configuration:


And try again.


OK, I did that.  My environment variables line in the screenshot above now has those 2 extra variables on them.  I still crash out after hitting a breakpoint.  Sorry.  I switched to 3.7 on the same setup screen and then it broke with no problem.  Back to 3.6 and once again it exits upon breakpoint.



Hi Mike, could you please disable Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Python Debugger | PyQt compatible option? Has it helped to resolve the crash?


That fixed it!!!!

It works!

For some projects I'm using pyside2.  Will this be a problem by turning this off?

OH THANK YOU for fixing this!!!

I can debug again!



Glad it has helped!

>For some projects I'm using pyside2. Will this be a problem by turning this off?

Try to set PyQt compatible explicitly to PySide2 instead of default Auto.


Setting it to PySide2 caused the problem to return.



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