TerminalExecutionConsole - the lack of extension points


I am getting reports for 2019.1 Intellij (typescript/javascript, angular) and Rider that my plugin no longer works - https://github.com/krasa/GrepConsole/issues/147

It is because ConsoleViewImpl was replaced by TerminalExecutionConsole and it does not use ConsoleActionsPostProcessor, ConsoleFilterProvider, ConsoleInputFilterProvider extensions, resulting in loss of colouring, grepping and all other functionality.

It would be nice to add the support for that, perhaps even by new and better APIs so that plugins can:

- listen to the input (and if possible to even change it, as InputFilter does) and read the existing content with its ContentType so that grepping works

- highlight (Filter)

- reset highlighting (new API that removes highlighters and run filters again)


Also I am curious about the benefit of TerminalExecutionConsole and if this trend will continue, is ConsoleViewImpl being slowly replaced?




Thanks for reporting. `TerminalExecutionConsole` allows to have the same behavior as in a terminal: updating any part of the console window (not appending text only as it's with ConsoleViewImpl). To continue this trend, these extensions should be supported in `TerminalExecutionConsole` or re-worked. Could you please file an issue in "subsystem: Console" about supporting these extensions in `TerminalExecutionConsole` with examples showing benefits provided by your plugin when using `ConsoleViewImpl`?

BTW, https://github.com/krasa/GrepConsole/issues/147 is about `com.intellij.javascript.debugger.console.WebConsoleView`, it doesn't support extensions either.


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