Validate Debugger Configuration on Web Server fails on localhost:8000 (PHP Xdebug)

I'm getting the `Connection refused` error when trying to validate debugger configuration.

Is there settings I have to do to Xdebug?

Current config:


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I notice there an error in the console. Am running the server from cli btw, `php -S localhost:8000`

PHP error encountered: `There was a problem sending 178 bytes on socket 8: Broken pipe`

Changed Xdebug port to 9001 and now the breakpoint works. Validate Debugger still throws `Connection refused` error though.


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If you have e.g. index.php at the root of your project, are you able to access localhost:8000/index.php from the browser?


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Yup, I can access both `localhost:8000`  and `localhost:8000/index.php` just fine from the browser.

Was trying to run the Validate Debugger cause the breakpoint wasn't breaking.

Managed to get the breakpoints breaking after changing Xdebug port to 9001 and making sure Chrome  Debugger tool is set to PHPSTORM.

Validate Debugger is still throwing connection refused though. Not sure what's happening under the hood but I'll just leave it as it is for now.


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