[solved] Issues with setting up PHPStorm for my webapp

I am quite new to PHP in general and PHPStorm IDE in particular, so some hints in setting up phpstorm would be greatly appreciated.

Usually, from terminal, being in my app's root directory, I start the app with the following command

[root-app-dir]$php -S localhost:<port#>

I am running php5.6 on Ubuntu-18.

I tried to set up the Run Configurations for WebPage, but It gives me connection error on the browser side, although I can run the app from IDE's terminal window.

Thank you


[solved] The issue was caused by some mismatches between the project's and apache2 server's paths, I fixed that. Thanks

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Could you please tell how exactly did you try to open your app in the browser?

Do you press the browser icon in IDE editor area? What error do you receive, could you illustrate it?

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Thanks @Vasiliy, fixed it and updated the post.

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Thanks for the confirmation and the original post correction!


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