How to flip back and forth between Find in Path search results?

I've been using BBEdit for an old language, and its multi-search pops up a window like the Find in Path search results list, which on a Mac lets me hit Cmd-~ (tilda) to flip back and forth between search results and files, but I'm not seeing how to do that in PHPStorm.

Regardless, I just am trying to make it easier to go back to the results after looking over a file (which may require code tracing), and it's cumbersome right now.

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Ideally you can switch focus to editor by pressing Esc, and get back to Search results pressing Alt+3. but while testing this I've found a bug making this impossible in PhpStorm:

You can test this on your end though, there's a chance that the problem in a bug report is environment-specific.

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That's for flipping focus between the Find Window (down at the bottom) and file tab text...

What I'm talking about is flipping between the floating Find in Path results window and a file that I double-click to open.

When I hit Alt-3 I get some other window:

So now what?

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You can pin the Find in Path window so that it didn't close on opening a file, the Find in Path window will remain on top in this case.


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