Can not open Jupyter notebook in PyCharm


I use PyCharm 2019.1.2 Professional with installed packages about Jupyter on Windows 10 Pro ver 1903.

Then I open 3 files Index.ipynb and s3_bubble-charts.ipynb and SequentialStructure.ipynb.

1. Index.ipynb

This file is open without any problem.

2. SequentialStructure.ipynb

I double click to open it but nothing happen.

3. s3_bubble-charts.ipynb

This file is opened with blank page and show no code inside it.

Please help me solve this problem

Here is the link to download these three files.



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Hi, SequentialStructure.ipynb is not a correct Jupyter notebook file, it seems to be an HTML file with ipynb extension for some reason. I create a ticket to gracefully handle this case in PyCharm but you should check why it happened in the first place on your side.

s3_bubble-charts.ipynb has an old format which is not supported by PyCharm. I created a separate ticket as well Consider updating the notebook package and convert the file to a modern format.

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Thank you so much! I got it.

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The usual cause of an html page with .ipynb or .py extension is trying to save a GitHub page that shows the code.

The page looks like a notebook page or scritp, but it's actually html.

If you select the 'Raw' button on GitHub before saving the code you'll avoid this problem.

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Hi Romilly,

You guess correctly. I download these files from github here.


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