Symfony.phar fails to download

I've just purchased PhpStorm and wanted to test its symfony integration.

When creating a new project, PhpStorm wants to download the symfony.phar file from their website. Unfortunately, it gives a 403 error. I suppose after that the basic symfony folder structure should be created in my PhpStorm project. Of course, this does not happen.

Error message:

    > Downloading Symfony.phar
    > Failed to download '':
    > Request failed with status code 403 redirects to to I don't get a 403 error in my browser.

Any ideas?


Edit: PhpStorm seems to try to fetch (notice the capital 'S'). This gives, indeed, a 403.

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Sure, didn't realize at first that this was an external plugin. I opened an issue:

I'll post here if it works again.

Thank you.


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