White scrollbar after PHPStorm upgrade


i have the problem, that my scrollbar is white after upgrade to the new version 2019.2 with the new theme support. The new themes have a black scrollbar. Does anyone know how to change the color in the XML file for example? Or in the preferences? I couldn't find any settings.

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I am wondering if this is some specific theme that is generally available.


However, it seems to be that this link is a good starting point for learning on creating new themes:


In fact, I did not try to create my own theme so far, but according to the sample json file for one of the default themes, there is a "ScrollBar" property that could be modified:


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Thanks for your reply. So if you download i theme from here:


After import you have the same problem. All scrollbars in the Editor are white. So now i have copied the Darcula Theme and added my colors but it's a bit annoying.

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@Eugene thx :) 


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