Jumping between HTML tags


I stumbled across issue i can't resolve. It concerns navigation in code. Pretty often i'm forced to jump from parent tag to it's children. Reaching for mouse is very annoying so i was looking for any shortcut that could've helped me. Unfortunately i couldn't find any.

Let's take this piece of code for example :


I want to jump from li to start of 'anchor' tag then to span and so on. How to achieve this?



I tried to look in keymaps but it's nothing there and also CTRL + [] or CTRL + SHIFT + M are jumping straight from tag start to tag close. So any help?


Hi there,

Try AceJump plugin perhaps: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7086-acejump

Not sure on built-in shortcuts/actions (using mouse/manual caret manipulations for that)


I was wondering if you have tried Alt+Shift+[ and Alt+Shift+] combinations already.

It is not exactly the same as you looking for but may work for examples like the one you have shared.


Thank you Andriy Bazanov for recommending this plugin, it doesn't suit the provided case but i found it very useful for other purpouses.


Thank you Vasiliy Yur it work great for me and it's exactly what i was looking for!


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