Copy revision number in short format


Right now it's possible to copy full-length revision number. But I'd like to have `git rev-parse --short HEAD` as an action. Is there any way I can achieve that?


Could you please specify why you'd like to have it? What is the use-case that short one allows and that isn't covered by the full or doesn't work well with it? 


To referrer to particular gem version, one can specify `ref` param in the Gemfile.

gem 'foo', git: '', branch: 'test', ref: 'fd82fe4'

Putting full revision number in there will make Gemfile less readable. So now there are 2 options:

  1. run command from a terminal
  2. copy short revision number from version control tab (but that can't be done in a keyboard-only way)



There was a request for copying only full revision number ( so now it's now possible to copy the short one from the Log details. Still you can submit a corresponding feature request on our platform tracker:


Hm. I missed that ticket :/ Will review.



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