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Followup question: I just tried a hands on of IntelliJ IDEA. First I tried to find DeMark in the Marketplace - it was not there. Then I downloaded it and tried to install it from disk, which gave me: "Plugin 'DeMark' is incompatible with this installation". 

This is odd, ain't it? I am using Manjaro Linux and I installed: community/intellij-idea-community-edition 2:2019.1-1

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I'm not aware of any similar plugin for PyCharm.

Please feel free to submit a feature request about such feature in PyCharm to our issue tracker using the link https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY

As about IntelliJ IDEA and the error message that you get when installing the plugin - according to Version History of the plugin, it's not compatible with 2019.1+ version 


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