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Try creating new blade file with a random name (e.g. qwerty.blade.php) and check if the syntax is correct there.

Also please update to 2017.2.7.

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I installed latest version :
PhpStorm 2019.1.2
Build #PS-191.7141.52, built on May 8, 2019
Licensed to PhpStorm Evaluator
Expiration date: June 26, 2019
and imported all settings from prior versions.

and syntaX is not highlited at all : https://imgur.com/a/eIAvFxa
I run menu utem with all page selected
Code->Reformat Code
It did not help.
Can it be some additive options/plugings?
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Looking at your screenshot, I could see a directive that is not in the default list: @setup

You may want to add custom directives in "Languages & Frameworks | PHP | Blade > Directives" menu window.

What is about the other part of the code, it seems to be that Envoy syntax is not a 100% the same as Blade, so it is not highlighted. You may check that Blade highlighting is working in general for this file by adding some known directives (like @if or @php).


Also, you may submit a feature request for the Envoy files support:


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Blade syntax is supported ok for all my blade.php files.

Whos works with envoy? Do you use phpstorm or some other editors?


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