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I'm new to PHPStorm and have been using netbeans almost a decade. Something I seem to miss is a dock to show all projects. Something where I can easily navigat all "open" projects (general a dock on the left hand side).

Is there a way to view all projects or will I have to open / close projects seperately as I need to use it? 

Then, I created a project then a 2nd one and I was asked if I want to open the project in a new tab. I selected "Attach" but now I have 2 completely seperate projects open in the same "window" - Where is the config for these projects so that I can delete it and open the 2 projects separately?



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Hi there,

1) Generally speaking, there is no such panel (like in NetBeans). You can see all currently opened windows/projects in "Main Menu | Windows" (at the bottom of the menu).

At the same time "File | Open Recent" will show all known projects and you can manage them from there (similar to what you see on a Welcome screen when no project is opened).

You should be able to bring that menu separately via custom keyboard shortcut (you need to locate that action and assign desired shortcut at "Settings/Preferences | Keymap")

I suggest checking Frame Switcher plugin to quickly switch between projects/windows (currently opened and closed)


2) There should be a detach action available on 2nd project root (check context menu). If you do not see it for some reason, try using Del key on that, the popup should appear asking what to do.

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I personally have assigned a dedicated shortcut to a "Manage projects..." action:

This action opens a popup with all the recent projects list.


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