Steal the Jupyter support for notebooks like in PyCharm


I'm thinking about supporting Jupyter notebooks for the Wolfram Language. Does someone know in which classes/packages the functionality of

  • Parsing Jupyter notebooks (it's a JSON-based file, right?)
  • Connecting and running a kernel
  • The communication with the kernel

is implemented in PyCharm? AFAIK this feature is part of the open-source PyCharm.

Thanks and sorry for the lazy question



The reimplemented Jupyter support in PyCharm 2019.1+ is included in PyCharm Professional and is not open-source (more details could be found here). The source code for the previous version is available on GitHub.

If you are interested in extending the actual implementation of Jupyter support in PyCharm by adding languages other than Python feel free to create a ticket.


Hey Anton,

thanks for your answer which is basically exactly what I was looking for.

The reason why I'm asking is that the Wolfram Engine (the kernel which does the computations under the hood of Mathematica) is now available for free for non-commercial use ( The currently available Jupyter kernel for the Wolfram Language has afaik no advanced highlighting nor any autocompletion.

As you might have seen, I'm the developer of the Wolfram Language plugin and therefore, it's only natural that I think about how much work it would be to support Jupyter notebooks for the Wolfram Language in combination with my plugin.


Hi Patrick!

Thanks for the clarification. Just to make sure, do you mean this plugin? I've created a ticket.


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