PHPStorm auto-save issue (not always is saving)

I have app in symfony 4, but sometimes when I have changed something this is not refreshed on page in browser.


I have class col-md-5 and is change to col-md-3 and then is refreshing page and there is still col-md-5. It's strange.

Similar is with CSS. I have width: 50%;, then I change to 10%, then refresh page and still is width 50%.

I have to change something else in code, write something, some text and then refresh and is ok, is refreshed. Or after clear cache in symfony is ok.

It's standard symfony 4 app.

It's dev mode and twig cache is disabled.


PHPStorm version: 2019.1.2 

I see that is PHPStorm problem, because the file is not save. After ctrl+s is ok. Without it when small change when i open file in another problem there is old version, no auto-save.


Where is the problem?

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The file is supposed to be saved on frame/tab deactivation/activation, accordingly to Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Synchronization.

Please enable Settings | Editor | General | Editor Tabs | Mark modified (*), so that unsaved files where marked.

After that, please monitor what action exactly doesn't lead to saving the file.

If you can catch that on a screencast while having this option on, that would really help us. Thank you!


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