Rails console when Debug in Rubymine with Docker


Learn from this post https://blog.jetbrains.com/ruby/2019/03/rubymine-docker/ , I used Rubymine to Debug with Remote SDK Docker. But I can't find Rails console in here like when I debug with Local SDK. I only see Debugger window. That Rails console window really useful for me when I want to check variables's value.

Can you help me ? Thank you.



Could you please specify whether there's a console tab during debug as described here:



Sorry for late respond. But I don't know how to find something like rails console or IRB - where I can see value of variable like when I debug with Rubymine with default remote

Example: In this window, I want to know something like @offers, or @offers.first 

In the link you post, have a window like that - where I think I can find value of @offers.first


Have you tried using Evaluate Expression?


Thank for that request. But can I have a console like IRB in Debug window ?
In the link you posted above and in debug console when I debug with default option of Rubymine ( not with docker ), it still have an option "Show Ruby / Console Promt" below "Recycle" icon, where I can do everything I want ( get value of variables....) if I click on that option. But if I use debug with docker, I don't see that option.


That appears to be a known problem, please add your vote and follow it:



Thank for your help. Waiting for good news :)


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