How can I close the "Find in Path" window?


After I performed a search in "Find in Path" window, this window doesn't close, and there is no button that allows me to close it. How can I close it?





"Find in Path" dialog should be closed when you:

1. Click outside of the dialog window on any other element of UI

2. Double-click on the name of the found file

3. Press "Esc"

4. Click "Open in find window" button.

Please try all those options and let me know which works and which doesn't.


Hi, Andrey:


"Esc" works, which is enough, but others not working. Thanks



Double-click works not, please correct it! In previous version did it work. Thanks. Vojslav



sorry, it works, there are possibility to unpin seach window. Vojslav


@Andrey, I am using 2019.1 on Windows10.

1. does not work anymore (in old versions it worked)

2. does just when you double-click on wanted file, then click once on another and then press ESC

3. does not work anymore (in old versions it worked)

4. works


I must have accidentally pinned that find window:

Unpressing that button now closes this window when doubleclicking a result.


Just upgraded to 2019.3 and I cannot close any of the search windows using Escape anymore.

In the bottom it just states "Prefix Key Pressed" and a bunch of options that are unset "Close context menu (), Escape (), ..."



I have to change the Escape function keybinding from being just Escape to be Escape Escape and now press it twice to close the search window. I used to be on 2019.2.1 and it worked fine there with just 1 Escape-press


I want a close button.


Open up your keymap settings and search for "escape" -> Right-click on it and select "Add Keyboard Shortcut" -> click on the plus symbol on the right side and select Then approve. It should fix the problem.


I think I found the issue. I had a "Reload from Disk" set to Escape+U which made Escape a prefix. This caused escape to not function on its own and thus had to be Escape+Escape.

Removing the Escape+U keymap makes the "solo" Escape keymap to once again function as intended!


Wow I totally agree that this is annoying, youd think an exit button would be something that software developers would consider. THe fact that I had to google this is mind boggling


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