Will there ever be a REAL Windows version of PhpStorm

Anyone else have little\and big niggles with the Appleness of PS?

(Day-to-day my main bug bear crappy inconsistent resizing on windows when displayed).

Today's irritation? Waste 15 mins finding PhpStorm programme (under just User for me!!!). For a Win program it should be in Program Files or Program Files (x86).

I wanted to associate a file type with PS - pain in the tush.

LOVE PS but fed up with all the Apple inheritance!

Much love as ever

Grumpy Steve :-)


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First of all, thanks for the warm words!

In fact, PhpStorm is a multi-platform and Java-based IDE and it is hardly OS specific. Personally, I do not feel any _Appleness_ being mostly a Windows-dedicated user for years :)

I just wondering if you are using JetBrains Toolbox utility to maintain your installations. In this case, PhpStorm IDE will be installed in "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Toolbox\apps\PhpStorm\...". Otherwise, the default location for installation is "%programfiles%\Jetbrains".

Anyway, JetBrains Toolbox utility allows you to navigate to the installation folder via "Gearbox icon > Settings > Install location".


What is about resizing issue, could you please tell us more about, how does it look like? Is there any chance that you have a multi-monitor installation and window is improperly resized when moved between screens?


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