Pycharm/Anaconda: So i gather from another post that there is no formal documentation for these products - correct? Barring full-on PDF (or whatever) documents, can anyone recommend a good book on pycharm? I'm old and feeble minded, and like to have organized reference materials rather than using google to find random bits here and there. I know - it's *so* 1990 :-)





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Hi William,

Are you referring to PyCharm for Anaconda?
The difference between PyCharm for Anaconda and PyCharm Professional is that PyCharm for Anaconda bundles Miniconda installer and it sets conda environment as default project interpreter when you create a new project (in "usual" PyCharm it is virtualenv).

PyCharm for Anaconda doesn't require a separate license, so if you have a license for PyCharm Professional, you can use it to activate PyCharm for Anaconda.

As about the book - just recently a great book “Effective PyCharm” by Michael Kennedy and Matt Harrison was released. See for more details.

We also have great documentation


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