Cannot load module {module} Support for AppCode format is not installed


When opening my project in Rubymine I suddenly got the error:

Cannot load module '{MY MODULE}': Support for AppCode format is not installed.

Neither do any code completions work, what can I do to fix this?



could you please try closing IDE, removing .idea folder from the project's root (or moving it to another place) and reopening RubyMine? 


This works—up until I start AppCode again.

After that Rubymine is complaining with the same error.


And in some weird kind of way Rubymine also opens all the tabs I had open in Appcode, it even tries to open the same layout



That happens because AppCode adds its information to .idea folder, so basically if you want to work with this project in RubyMine then it's better not to open it in AppCode.

0 no option to make either Appcode or Rubymine not do that? It's a kind of flaw :/

I'm developing fastlane alongside my iOS project, which means switching over to Ruby now and then. But now you're saying it's just impossible to work with Rubymine alongside Xcode—even though e.g. Pycharm has no problems with either one of the IDE's.


Just to be sure, do you mean that opening the same project after AppCode in PyCharm you have no problems with modules detection?


Oh my bad, I thought I had the same project open. After retrying, Pycharm too struggled with the modules.

So in the end, the IDE's can never open each other's project? If so, what do you suggest for i.e. using Rubymine (for fastlane) and Appcode (for iOS development)?

They both exist in the same project.



Unfortunately at the moment AppCode has no plugin for IDEA or other IDEs. For RubyMine we have another request:


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