Define oracle language for database plugin.


How can I change the language of the database session which is connected when you open the console in the Database plugin?
Currently all oracle errors I get are in Dutch, and I can't seem to find which setting to change this to English.

Any Ideas?


Hello Maarten,

Which OS do you use — MacOS or Windows?

Do you connect via OCI or thin driver?

Have you installed Oracle Client onto your PC where you're using DataGrip?





I use Windows 10 Pro version 1803, built 17134.765.

I connect using the thin driver version (latest).

Yes, I do have an oracle client installed on my PC.


Thanks for helping.


Hello Maarten,

Sorry for the long delay.

I've found two ways how to solve this problem.

1. Using the environment variable.

In MS Windows you can define the environment variable NLS_LANG, it consists of 3 parts (language, territory, character table), for example:


In this example 'English' is a language name, 'CIS' is a territory and 'CL8MSWIN1251' is a code of the character table.

Here is FAQ:

2. Using the startup script

Startiup script is a script that is performed on each JDBC connection. This script can be specified in the data source configuration window, on the tab "Options". Just place the following statement:

alter session set nls_language = 'English'

I've verified both methods, they work.


P.S. please let us know did it help. Thanks.


Hi Leonid

I am using IntelliJ 2018.3.6 (Ultimate edition).

Using the environment variable does not work.

There is no option on the tab "Options" to specify a startup script.

Another solution would be appreciated.

Best regards.


@ Maarten Palsterman,

>There is no option on the tab "Options" to specify a startup script.

Is it possible for you to switch to IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1.3 to get startup script functionality?



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