Best way to manage several database connections?


I have a postgres server connection, where I have several databases, currently twenty and growing. Datagrip's tree view is now extremly slow to sync and show new dbs. I am only showing the public schema for each database, but it is still slow.

Is there a way I can configure it to speed things up? If I created a new connection for each database, instead of the single connection with all the dbs listed under it, would that be better, or worse?

I'm just looking for anything to speed that tree view up. I only work with one db at a time, so once it's all settled down it's okay but a pain to add a new database. 


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@Jeff Goodsell,

I hope the following can help you:

  • to speed up introspection the best way is to devide one data source into independent data sources(per database or per related);
  • to manage datasources it's useful to use groups and colors;


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