path not correctly generated for the class test

Hello, I'm using the last version of Pycharm (2019.1.2) on Linux.


--- project

   ---- src

       --- pkg1

         --- test

              ---- test_mod1

          --- mod1


When I use the automatic import, everything it's fine. my class are imported correctly. As I setup now the import for the class Class1 in mod1 is imported correctly as

from src.pkg1.mod1 import Class1

If I want to test a class in `test_mod1` the Run Test for class generates a configuration with the path `project.src.pkg1.test.test_mode1` this cause an error and the test is not run. I don't understand why the import works in the editor, but is wrong in the test.

In the project structure the root source is `project`


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