Is there any advantage to PyCharm for Anaconda vs PyCharm(both professional versions)?

Do I need to have both PyCharm and Anaconda installed on my machine(running PyCharm Professional with Anaconda Plug-in, on Mac)?  If I do need to have both installed is there any advantage to PyCharm for Anaconda over regular PyCharm(both being the professional version)?  Does the combination of the two provide a better user experience?

Side Note:  I used Anaconda before switching to PyCharm.  I switched because I liked the feel of PyCharm more, and I found that I can get the professional version free with my status as a full time student.  Also, I am using Python mainly within the realm of Data Science.  

Please feel free to ask me questions so a more specific response can be tailored.  Thank you. 



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PyCharm for Anaconda is just offering a bundled Anaconda installation. If you install normal PyCharm and Anaconda separately, you will get the same.


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