using GitKraken with Pycahrm & Clion

I have been using Pycahrm & Clion for git stuff as well. I want to try using GitKraken alongside Pycharm & Clion s.t. I do the regular code editing, building, running on my Pycharm & Clion and do the git stuff on gitKraken. Will this cause any problems or internal conflicts? I am worried since Pycharm & Clion have git functionalities as well that somehow changing git's commits, history, conflict resolution, or creating branches in GitKranken will cause errors on Pycharm & Clion side.

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That depends on how GitKraken works (sorry, never tried it).

Technically, PyCharm/Clion's VCS support is a wrapper around the native command-line client (git, hg, e.t.c), so if GitKraken also uses the same native client and follows the standard protocol for the respective VCS, there shouldn't be any issues.


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